Total of years instructing: Over 15 years

Got his first street bike when he was 16 years old. Over the years he has owned a number of different styles of bikes, cruisers, street, and sport bikes. One of Nader’s favorite trips on a bike was riding around Australia for four months. He bought a motorcycle in Sydney for $1000, and put on it about 12000 km travelling up and down the east coast, then he sold it two days before his flight back home for $800. Nader says: “The best way ever to see a place is on two wheels, and not in a box.”
Nader has also raced motorcycles for few years in the early 90s, in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Portland. Throughout the years he have seen many people get hurt because they did not receive proper training and did not have enough respect for the sport, this made him want to get involved and make a difference.
For Stampede Driving School Students, Nader recommends: “Educate yourself, take motorcycle courses, safely practice, and get involved as knowledge is key”.


Total years instructing: Over 20 years

Danard’s love of motorcycling started at age four when his mom took him to kindergarten on her motorcycle. Later he became a motorcycle Road Racer, did extensive back country riding and street riding for thirty five years. The instructor experience began by teaching Motorcycle Road Racers then on to street riders for more than twenty years. His experience gives you an instructor who enjoys guiding you in a fun and safe way as you learn to ride a motorcycle. Danard is a very patient instructor who understands students’ learning process very well and has helped thousands of people become new motorcyclists.

For Stampede Driving School Students, Danard recommends: “take motorcycle training to learn how to be safe and ride defensively in today’s very complex riding environments. I help people to become good risk managers and think ahead when riding, which makes riding fun”.