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* You can register for the Basic Course either Weekend Morning, Weekend Afternoon, or Weekday Evenings. A minimum of 2 students is required to run a course except for the Private.  The basic course is government approved.  Stampede Driving School will issue you a course certificate upon completion of the basic course.  The certificate may help you reduce your insurance premium with most insurance brokers.

* Helmets and Gloves will be provided for your training and the road test with all courses.  Motorcycles are also provided for all courses expect Refresher.

You can take a Motorcycle Course if you have any of the following classes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 license, or 6 and 7 learners license.

For those with little or no experience riding motorcycles, the Basic Course is the perfect place to start. Even people returning to the sport after a long absence will find the Basic Course a useful refresher.

In Class Motorcycle Theory:

In the 4 hours of classroom instruction, students are introduced to the controls of the motorcycle and some of the theory behind their operation. Also discussed: bike selection, safety equipment, road, traffic and weather hazards.  Perhaps the greatest emphasis is placed on the importance of proper rider attitude.

On Bike Practical:

The following are some of the skills taught in this course:

* Operating the motorcycle controls and clutch effectively
* Balance and control by weaving between markers
* Riding slow speed in a straight line
* Shifting and signals shoulder check
* Effective braking
* Collision avoidance
* Shifting around curves
* Emergency braking

Students who are deemed by our instructors to be ready for the road, use the school’s bikes on a controlled group ride. Riders cover various speeds and all types of conditions beginning with slower, low-traffic residential routes.

* Please call or email our office for pricing and schedule information or if you have any questions.

Road Test Information:

For class 6 road test, you need to pass a knowledge test and get a road test permit from the registry.  All Class 6 road tests are scheduled by registry agents, who will arrange for a driver examiner to do the test.  Test fees are charged by the registry agents.

List of All Courses We Offer:

Basic Training  Weekend Mornings $500.00 + GST Book Now
Basic Training  Weekend Afternoon $500.00 + GST Book Now
Basic Training  Weekday Evenings $500.00 + GST Book Now

Test Preparation Course $200.00 + GST More Information
Refresher Training $200.00 + GST More Information
Additional Practice Training $250.00 + GST More Information
Skills Advancement Training $275.00 + GST More Information
Can-AM Spyder and Trikes $75/HOUR + GST More Information
Private Training $800.00 + GST More Information