No.  You do not need the written test to take our basic course.  If you have any class of licence 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 , or 7, then you can take the course with us.  The written class 6 (knowledge) test will be required before your road test.

You need to get your Class 6 Learner's Permit, by taking a knowledge test at a registry office (this is not provided at schools).  Next buy a road test permit online or at a registry.  For the road test bring the two permits (Learner's permit, Road Test permit), and your valid driver's licence.  Once you pass you have to go back to the registry office, and get your licence upgraded (a fee will be charged).  Make sure to also bring your cell phone and earphones (Wired or Bluetooth) for the road test.

Yes, Stampede Driving School offers a great group discount.  A discount is available to groups wishing to take a course together.


You should have good positive attitude to start, not tired, hung-over or high, or overly preoccupied with work, free from family or other troubles.  We need you to be focused on the task at hand.  Everyone’s safety depends on it.  For gear:  If you have your own helmet and gloves bring them, otherwise we will provide them free of charge.  Please bring a sturdy jacket, pants (Jeans are minimum), and boots covering your ankle.  Layer your clothing for cold weather / rain.


We have 125cc to 500cc Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Cruisers and Sport Bikes.  Please see "Our Motorcycles Fleet" page.  We have over 25 motorcycles for you to try on your course.


Yes, as long as your bike is insured and registered.  Most schools will not allow you to do that.


Yes, we have customized lowered bikes, which will help you to ride safely.

We require 2 week cancellation notice for refund. There will be still $200 administration fee for all cancellations.  For rescheduling, we need a minimum of one week's notice.  Students who fail to attend the course will forfeit the entire fee.

Yes, with minimum of one week's notice.


In-Classroom is at our office: Unit 214, 7 Westwinds Crescent NE, Calgary, AB  T3J 5H2

Motorcycle on-Lot training site:  2700 - 3 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB  (Large parking lot on Barlow Trail SE, just north of Memorial Drive SE.)


The courses are scheduled to run unless you've been contacted with the cancellation.  Please come prepared in any kind of weather condition.  Bring rain gear or warm clothing pending the weather.  If the course is cancelled by the on-lot instructor due to unsafe weather conditions, you will be rebooked into another course.


We have a Refresher Training course offered which you can take on your own motorcycle, but if you do not have your own, you can rent one from us.  Check out our "Refresh Training Course" page.


It must be DOT (Department of Transportation) approved.  Full-face helmets are the safest.  It must fit snugly.  If it feels loose, try a smaller size.


We provide you helmet and gloves for your training and road test free of charge.


Yes, for additional confidence and training, we offer a 2nd course for only half the price.  Open to you anytime same season only.

Stampede Driving School have design a one on one MOTORCYCLE PRIVATE TRAINING COURSE.  This is an awesome course totally customized to you and your availability.

Yes, the Motorcycle Basic Training Course is a Government (Alberta Transportation) approved program.  Once you complete this course we will provide you a course completion certificate.  With this certificate most insurance brokers will provide a discount on your insurance premiums.