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It is illegal to use any kind of drugs during the training session. Not listening or following instructions of the instructor, stunting, miss use or playing with motorcycle/car will not be tolerated. Students must disclose to the school if their licence has been suspended, dismissed or expired. Students are required to keep their driver’s licence in possession all the time while on-road training. The school requires at least one week’s notice for cancellation. There will be a $200 non-refundable administration fee charge for course cancellation. Students who fail to attend the course or cancels less than one week’s notice, before the start of the course, will forfeit the entire fee. Change of schedule is permitted with at least 48 hours notice. Stampede Driving School may postpone classroom lessons or on road training any time for the following reasons: An instructor is sick, the weather outside is unsuitable for training, motorcycle/car malfunction/breakdown, or other reasons. The road test fee is not included with the course fee.

**Waiver of Claim**

I hereby agree to release and save harmless, Stampede Driver Training School Ltd. and any of its agents or employees. This also includes instructors, owner, Birchwood Furniture Co. Inc. any government agencies federal or provincial and or any other entity that supports the motorcycle/car training program. This release covers Stampede Driver Training School Ltd. along with its examiners, agents, owner, instructors and Birchwood Furniture Co. Inc. from all responsibility, property damage, negligence, bodily injury, costs and expenses or claims of any nature and kind arising from or in consequence of my participation in the motorcycle/car training course. This release is a complete release and saves harmless all the above named parties. I have read this release and fully understand it. I confirm that I am bound by the release as set out. I further agree that my group pictures can be used on the school website without any restriction what so ever.

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