1.Do I need my own motorcycle to take the course?
No. Stampede Driving School will provide you a bike for the training and the road test.

2. How do I obtain my Class 6 (motorcycle) License?
You need to get your Class 6 Learner's Permit, by taking a knowledge test at a registry office  (this is not provided at our school). Then you must pass the on-bike test. With the two permits (Learner's and Road Test) you have to go to a registry office, where a Class 6 license will be issued (a fee will be charged).

3. What do I need when I book for a course?
- Your Full Name
- Mailing Address
- Phone Numbers
- Operator's License Number
- Date of Birth
- Brief description of any medical conditions/special needs you feel we should know about.
- Payment

4. What type of motorcycles do you provide?

We have 250cc to 500cc Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Cruisers, Sport Bikes and Scooter.

5. What if I need to cancel my training? Will I get a refund?

We require 2 week cancellation notice for refund. There will be a $200.00 administration fee for all cancellation. Students who fail to attend the course will forfeit the entire fee.

6. Can I reschedule my training?

Yes, with one week's notice.

7. How long is the course?

The motorcycle course is 15 hours in length, 12 hours are riding on a motorcycle and the other 3 hours are classroom time.

8. Where does the in class takes place?

Unit 170, 32 Westwinds Cres. NE, Calgary, Alberta.

9. Where is the location for the motorcycle riding instruction?

The training is at 4770-46th Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta.

10. I already have Class 6 Licence, but I need Refresher lessons. What can you recommend?
You can take the 6hrs Refresher course. We will charge only for that time not the whole course fee.

11. What do I need to look for in a helmet?

It must be DOT (Department of Transportation) approved. Full-face coverage type helmets are the safest. It must fit snugly. If it feels loose, try a smaller size.

12. Will the course continue if there is inclement weather?

The courses are scheduled to go unless we have adverse weather conditions. Please come prepared with rain gear or warm clothing pending the weather. If the course if cancelled due to weather conditions, you will be rebooked into another course.

13. If I do not have a helmet for training, where do I get one?

We provide you with a helmet for your training and road test.

14. Can I re-take the course if required?

If you did not pass the Class 6 test, you can take our course again.

15. Can we get a group discount?

Yes, a discount is available to groups wishing to take a course together.

16. What do I need to bring for the course?

You will need eye protection, a sturdy jacket (a jean jacket or leather jacket), boots, that cover the ankles and gloves (form-fitting).