Motorcycle Online Test

The Class 6 knowledge test is requirement for obtaining a Class 6 operator’s Licence, and must be obtained prior to the road test. The knowledge test questions are taken from the Alberta Basic Licence Driver’s Handbook and Alberta Motorcycle Operator’s Licence Information Handbook.

 The questions are about safe-driving practices for motorcycle riders, rules of the road, and traffic control signs and signals, as well as licensing information.

 A fee is charged for each knowledge test.

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 Road Test:

The Class 6 operator’s licence road test is done in a traffic environment. The road test is done at a registry agent office or at an approved motorcycle school. Tests at motorcycle schools will be available for students who have completed an authorized training course.

 All Class 6 road tests are scheduled by registry agents, who will arrange for driver examiners to do the tests. This includes tests done at motorcycle schools.

 Driver examiners will assess the rider’s “road-readiness” before entering into traffic. The driver examiner will ensure the motorcycle is mechanically safe before the test. If it is not mechanically safe, the driver examiner will not do the test.

 Instructions will be given to the rider prior to the road test. The rider will also receive instructions in advance of each maneuver and during the test, by use of a one-way radio. The use of one-way radios will also allow the driver examiner to advise the rider of immediate dangers and stop the test if necessary. The driver examiner will follow the rider in another vehicle.

 The rider may also stop the test by stopping in a safe location. If the rider feels that he or she can not continue, the road test may be stopped by the rider and the concern or problem can be resolved.

The road test is 45 minutes long. This enables the driver examiner to fully assess the rider’s skills and abilities in a variety of road and traffic conditions. The driver examiner will be checking to see that the rider is following the rules of the road, and handling the motorcycle safely. These include proper Signalling, left and right turns, road position, intersection judgement, speed control and balance.

 A fee is charged for each road test.