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Basic Training  Weekend Mornings $500.00 + GST Book Now
Basic Training  Weekend Afternoon $500.00 + GST Book Now
Basic Training  Weekday Evenings $500.00 + GST Book Now

Test Preparation Course $200.00 + GST More Information
Refresher Training $200.00 + GST More Information
Additional Practice Training $250.00 + GST More Information
Skills Advancement Training $275.00 + GST More Information
Can-AM Spyder and Trikes $75/HOUR + GST More Information
Private Training $800.00 + GST More Information

*Motorcycles, Helmets and Gloves will be provided for the training and the road test for all courses. (Except for Refresher Course Road Test, Bike Rental is $50.00)

You can take a Motorcycle Course if you have any of the following: Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 license and Class 6 & 7 learners license.

For those with little or no experience riding motorcycles, the Basic Course is the perfect place to start. Even people returning to the sport after a long absence will find the Basic Course a useful refresher.

In Class Motorcycle Theory:

In the 3 hours of classroom instruction, students are introduced to the controls of the motorcycle and some of the theory behind their operation. Also discussed: bike selection, safety equipment, road, traffic and weather hazards perhaps the greatest emphasis is placed on the importance of proper rider attitude.

On Bike Practical:

The following are some of the skills taught in this course:

*Operating the motorcycle controls and clutch effectively
*Balance and control by weaving between markers
*Riding slow speed in a straight line
*Shifting and signals shoulder check
*Effective braking
*collision avoidance
*Shifting around curves
*Emergency braking

Students who are deemed by our instructors to be ready for the road, use the school’s bikes on a controlled group ride. Riders cover various speeds and all types of conditions beginning with slower, low-traffic residential routes.

Test Preparation Course

3 Hours Total (On Lot + On Road)

This course is exclusively for students that have completed a Basic Training course with Stampede Driving School and are aiming to improve confidence and riding ability before taking their Class 6 road test

4 Hours Total (On Lot + On Road)

This course is designed to give experienced riders the opportunity to brush up their riding skills. This course is recommended for students that have previous motorcycle riding experience and/or has previously held a Motorcycle license, aiming to improve confidence and riding ability before taking their Class 6 Road Test. *$75.00 Fee will be charged for Bike Rental for Road Test.

Our private 1 on 1 course is designed and customized to your very own needs by your personal instructor. This course is recommended for students that are not able to attend the scheduled course dates.

* Please call or email our office for pricing and schedule information.

Road Test Information:

You will need to go to the registry and write a Class 6 knowledge test, passing this test will give you a test permit that you will need to obtain your Class 6 license, but you can however take the basic course without this permit as long as you have a valid Class 7 or higher license.

All Class 6 road tests are scheduled by registry agents, who will arrange for driver examiners to do the test. This includes tests done at motorcycle schools. When you have completed the Basic Training Course with Stampede Driving School, you may schedule a Class 6 Road Exam.

A fee is charged by Registry agents for each Road Test.

This course is for Stampede Driving School students who have completed a Basic Training Course but still want to improve their confidence and riding skills before or even after taking their Class 6 Road Test.