Have any Questions?

1. Is Stampede Driving School a certified driving school?
Yes, Stampede Driving School is fully certified by the government to deliver the courses since 1998 in Calgary.

2. Are Stampede Driving School certificates recognized by the insurance industry?
Yes, Stampede Driving School is a government approved course provider. Our graduate certificates are honored by the insurance industry.

3. Can I start driving part of the course before the classroom?
Yes, you can start the driving first before the classroom.

4. Do you have a female instructor?
Yes, we do have a female instructor.

5. How much is the road test fee?
You can contact the registry for their updated price lists for the road test. Each registry has their own price, so please shop around.

6. Are there any other charges?
No. The 10 hours of driving and 15 hours of classroom are included in the total course price. The road test fee is not included in the course fee.

7. How many lessons will I need?
It depends on each student's driving skills, confidence and experience.

8. Can I request to change my instructor?
Yes, you can change your instructor by making a request at the office by phone.

9. Can I take driving lessons any day of the week?
Yes, driving lessons are available 7 days a week.

10. Can I start the course without my Class 7 Drivers' License?
You can start the classroom portion only. You must have your Class 7 Drivers' License before you start the in car training.